About Us

Steve B.

I hired Erica of Peachy Clean to clean my home that was recently remodeled and filled with construction dust. She did a marvelous job. She worked quickly and efficiently and she was very pleasant to have around.

Blair M.

Happily surprised with the cleaning!! Very well done and appreciate the effort!

Tiffany J.

The place looks fantastic! Thank you for doing such excellent work.

Cameron R.

Erica always does a great job with my place. And if there’s anything special I need, I just let her know and she works it into my appointment.

Nova B.

Our house looked and smelled amazing!! So fast and so thorough. We couldn’t be happier.

Carrie P.

It makes my whole day when Peachy Clean comes!!

Terri B.

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our home!

Jennifer D.

Erica was prompt, professional, and the house looked amazing post-cleaning. It was a dream--and just in time for the holidays. Definitely working out a regular schedule with Peachy Clean and recommending to my friends.

Peachy Clean, LLC was founded in 2017 by Erica Dockendorf. She was cleaning houses for friends and neighbors outside of her day job and was blown away by how often she heard Portlanders mention how hard it was to find a good quality, reliable house cleaner. She quit her job, started cleaning full-time, and has never looked back.

Peachy Clean is highly focused on quality and trust. We like our cleaners to re-visit the same homes whenever possible so they can build a level of comfort with their clients. Our goal is not to make the most money, the fastest. We get most of our new clients by word of mouth from happy customers and that makes us happy too! If there isn’t a cleaning product we need for sale that meets our health standards, we make our own. We pride ourselves on taking the high road at every opportunity and not wasting time with anything that would reduce the excellence our customers expect and deserve.

Our Credentials

We are a fully licensed & insured business. Should anything ever get damaged while a cleaner is in your home, we will make sure the damage is repaired and cover any losses to the best of our ability.

Our Staff

All of our cleaners are vetted before hiring and go through a rigorous training process before being allowed to attend cleanings without supervision. Our feedback system gives them up-to-date information on how they are doing after every single cleaning so they always know exactly where they stand and if there are any improvements they need to make.

Our Financial Policy

Outside of special circumstances, we only accept payments through credit or debit cards. You are entitled to an invoice/receipt for your payment. If you do not receive one automatically, you may request one. Our credit card payments go through a secure third-party platform called Stripe. No one within our company has access to your full credit card number or payment information so you know your money is completely safe.

Our Reviews

Don’t listen to us tell you how awesome we are. Listen to our customers! Check out our Yelp page to read our reviews.